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Johnny’s 16th birthday was just a week away and he was really excited because he had a tradition in his sex family that when ever a boy turns 16 the dad and all the boys of the family go on a father son camping trip. So when friday came they woke up and loaded up the car. After they were all packed they took off for the lake.
Once they got there they found an empty beach right on the water and decided to set up camp there. It was barely noon and nice and warm out so Johnny and his little brother Luke put on their swim trunks and went in the water for a bit. Once night came they started a campfire and made dinner. Johnny’s dad allowed him and his brother to drink some beers with him since it was a “guys weekend”.
After a while Johnny and his brother were starting to get drunk so they went in the tent to lay down for a bit. They got down to their underwear and climbed into bed. Johnny could see that Luke had boner thorugh his briefs. Then he started to feel his dick harden up. He was really drunk so he reached his hand over to his brothers dick and started to rub his shaft. Luke who was also drunk looked down and started to smile and told him to keep going.
Then Luke got Johnny on his back, pulled down his brothers underwear and started sucking his big bro. All of the sudden their dad walks in and sees them and pauses for a moment. They were both shocked and diddnt know what to say. Then their dad said “Well, since I got two gay sons can i join you guys?” Johnny was very happy to hear that because he had always wanted to play with another guy but hadnt had the chance.
So the two boys undress their dad then Luke starts to take his fathers cock into his mouth. Johnny’s dad leaned over and took his cock and started to jack him off. After a while Johnny’s dad got him on all fours lubed up his cock and slid it into Jonny’s asshole. Johnny couldnt belive how big his dad was but soon the pain turned into pleasure. Luke got in front of his brother and shoved his cock down Johnny’s throat. Soon he felt his fathers dick harden then a huge load of cum shoot into his asshole. Then his brother shot his warm load down his throat.
The next morning was Johnny’s birthday. Luke woke up next to Johnny completly naked in his bed. He took his brothers dick and woke him up with a birthday blowjob. Johnny laid back and enjoyed it then shot and warm load all over his little bro’s face. They all packed up and left for home. They had a party at their house all day then at night time Johnny got a few more presents from his dad and brother……….LOOK OUT FOR PART 2 BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Are you addicted to porno and not feeling good about it? Discover the likely underlying cause and what to do about it.

I received the following question when I was conducting a webinar on sexual addiction:
“I have had a pornography addiction since I was a teenager. I am now in my mid 30’s. For the past four months I have abstained through Inner Child work, but two days ago I visited a porn site and masturbated. I feel really sad about this. What is the best way to address this?”
Pornography addiction is quite common. At one of my Five-Day Couples; Intensives, one of the men was working on his porn addiction and was feeling embarrassed about it. In an effort to help him, I asked, “How many of you are addicted to porn?”
Among the six couples there, four of the men raised their hands.
If I was working one-on-one with the questioner ; I will call him Lance ; this is what I would ask:
“Lance, there must be a very good reason you started to look at deutsche porno as an adolescent. What was going on for you then that led to this?”
The following dialogue is a compilation of many such sessions.
Lance might have said: “I was awkward and shy and afraid of getting rejected, but my hormones were over the top.
Pornos offered me a way of managing my sexual feelings without having to risk rejection. It was very available and more fun and erotic than fantasy.”
“Lance, tell me about your sadness.”
“I feel like I let myself down. I had made a decision to abstain and I went back on it. My inner child doesn’t like it and doesn’t feel good about it. It feels like I violate myself and my values when I use women this way, but sometimes the adolescent part of me acts out.”
“Lance, please go inside and ask yourself what you were feeling before you masturbated to porn.”
“I was feeling lonely.”
This is almost always the answer I receive when I ask what someone was feeling before acting out with deutsche porno; or most other addictions.
Loneliness is a very hard feeling. This is likely what Lance was feeling as an adolescent, as loneliness is a very common feeling during adolescence. Unfortunately, most of us never learned how to manage loneliness, and many people judge themselves for feeling lonely, so they have learned turn to various addictions to avoid the feeling.
Loneliness is a fact of life. Feeling lonely is not an indication that there is something wrong with you. We feel lonely whenever we want to connect with another person and no one is available to connect with ; either because no one is there or because the person there is shut down and unavailable for connection. Lance needed to learn how to manage loneliness in order not to resort to his addiction.
“Lance, right now, see if you can find that place of loneliness inside your heart and soul. Embrace the loneliness with compassion toward yourself ; with kindness, gentleness, tenderness, caring and understanding. Can you do this?”
“Now continue to hold that feeling with compassion until it starts to subside. Then be willing to release it to the universe, saying, ‘I release this loneliness and replace it with acceptance and peace.”
Lance does this. “Now what do you feel?”
“Much better! The sadness is gone and so is the loneliness. I feel lighter.”
“Lance, this is what you need to do with all your deeply painful core feelings – loneliness, heartache, heartbreak, helplessness over others, grief and sorrow. When you embrace these very painful feelings with compassion rather than with judgment or by numbing them with addictions, then your inner child doesn’t feel alone inside. You can manage these painful feelings when you do this kind of Inner Bonding process.”
We all need to learn to manage the deeply painful feelings of life. This is what is necessary in order to not use addictions to numb our feelings.