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Angela looped hands around Giselle’s hips, she didn’t hesitate, she boldly pushed her face into Giselle’s pussy, thrusting her tongue up into my wife’s, wet, hot opening, sucking up her juices as Giselle cooed and cradled her head against her cunt. The erotic taste of Giselle’s juices spurred Angela on, as she licked her steaming pussy wildly. I saw the pleasure on Giselle’s face, it was obvious that Angela was no novice to pussy licking either. Giselle was letting out soft coos of pleasure as Angela reached up, cupping Giselle’s breasts, caressing and tugging gently on my wife’s hard, stiff nipples.
“Yes, oh yes, there, right there! Keep licking me baby, make me cum all over your pretty face!” Giselle whispered.
Angela continued, her soft tongue thrusting into Giselle’s wet pussy, then pulling it out and swirling it around the tight rim of Giselle’s labial lips, then flicking it against Giselle’s eager clit. Angela began flicking her tongue more insistently over Giselle’s tingling clit. This really got my wife going, she was dripping all over as she continued to grind her pussy against Angela’s cute, teen face. She was moaning with pleasure, and began to buck wildly on Angela’s mouth.
“Oh fuck yeah, lick me baby, keep licking, make me cum, yeah, yeah, oh fuck I’m cumming fuck YES!!” Giselle howled.
My wife’s body was shuddering, and with squeals of pleasure, she exploded, giving Angela a rich serving of her tasty juices. Angela eagerly lapped at the flow, oh yeah, she pleasured guys and girls alike. Giselle’s face was blissful, sailing on her post orgasm plane. She lifted up, and as she stood up, she lifted Angela up from the floor.
“Angela welcome, you have passed all the required tests, and you are now officially our au pair. Let us take you to your room.” Giselle said.
Angela cooed, “Just so long as I am close to your room, so I can service your sexual needs as often as possible. I want to perform my duties to your complete satisfaction.”
Giselle and I smiled at each other. Good help can be so hard to find, but we now had our perfect au pair.

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I could not believe it but ten minutes later I was getting a mouth full of his cum and he was telling me how much he was looking forward to getting a load off me. I could not believe I was cock sucking a complete stranger while my girl and his were going like mad orally on each other and already had cum once and were back into it again.
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We all agreed we would. We exchanged phone numbers.
On the way home Pam said well that was an experience and when I asked if she was going to follow it up with them she said why not – he has the best cock I have ever had and she isn’t bad either is she? You certainly seemed to enjoy it with her. I had to agree I did enjoy it with her. Good she said – this will be fun for a while – I like it. After all its only sex. I have never been so full of cum.

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Letting my fingers run up her butt crack in back, and her soft warm pussy lips in front I asked her how she liked things now not even waiting for an answer. Twiddling my fingers around in-between her now wet lips she writhed around moaning half embarrassed and half turned on looking like she was going to cum. Then having the grandest idea yet I slapped a good sized piece of duct tape over her pubic hair and ripped it away tearing her pubes clean off her pussy better than any professional wax job one could hope for.
“MMMMMMMMMPHHHHH!!!!” she screamed with wide eyes through her gag feeling the pain of all her pubes being torn off in one fell swoop helpless to do anything but hang there and take it.
“How’d that feel?” I said laughing as I looked over her now smooth hairless pussy as I left my fingers wiggle their way back in-between. With a raging hard on in my pajama pants now I positioning myself behind her and dropped my pants rubbing my boner up and down her ass crack while reaching around playing with her super wet pussy from in front. She was so turned on now that she arched her back letting me do what I wanted. Unable to stop myself I humped her ass crack letting my dick slide up and down across her butthole till I could not resist any longer. Pushing the head of my cock against her asshole I moved it around letting my slimy pre cum lube up her asshole. Then I pressed my cock right up her asshole as she groaned out loud feeling her asshole get stretched wide open. Moving slowly at first I began pumping my stiff cock in and out of her tight slippery asshole faster and faster till I could not hold back any longer and tensed up cumming squirt after squirt of hot jiz up her gaping butthole and all over her hot little hiney while feeling her buck and spasm having an orgasm at nearly the same time. Tingling with sweat she shuddered and moaned for a good full minute before finally hanging breathless, exhausted and seemingly defeated with a gaped open asshole dripping with goo.
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Darren smiled. “Very well. I will be back to pick her up xxx Sunday evening. Until then, she is your slave to spank, to whip, to fuck and be fucked by. But first my fee. Here, now, in front of everyone who knows you as a dom. I want to show everyone what an obedient sub you long to be. I want to humiliate you like the sadist that I am.”
Darren lifted Johanna’s skirt and pushed her over a chair. Others held her down as Darren removed her panties and lubed her ass.
She looked scared so I knelt down next to her. “Yes, it is painful. But in a wonderful way.” I kissed her and felt the first waves of her pain as he pushed his fat cock into her tight, virginal ass.
Darren has the capacity to stay hard for hours and he took plenty of time to open Johanna to his tip and then his full length. She screamed a few times but mostly she resigned herself to him. I comforted her and kissed her as his thrusts became stronger. He came, making special effort to be gentle.
He ass tensed in spasms when he withdrew and her face was flushed with blood. “Aw! Aw!” she muttered. Then she turned to me. “That was the most painful, erotic experience I have ever had. Aw! Your enslavement to me this weekend is going to be worth it!”